Coaching Experiences



In this nine-month group coaching experience, you’ll commit to crossing a specific Threshold in your life inside a community of like-minded leaders. Whether you’re going through a job change, starting a business, selling a business, divorcing, or getting married — this is the place for you. Inside Threshold you’ll intentionally develop the healthset, wealth, and relationships that will support you in crossing your Threshold. This is a space for inner work and strategic movement towards becoming the quintessential eclectic millionaire. This group experience is by application or invitation only.


Entrepreneurial couples face unique challenges, yet they have equally unique strengths to overcome them. Inside of Confluence, entrepreneurial couples learn how to harness their creative and innovative skills to thrive in their lives, careers, and relationships. In this for-couples-only group coaching experience, you’ll create a sustainable strategy to grow as an individual while collaborating with your partner on a strategy for your life and work together. Just as a ‘confluence’ is two rivers coming together, you’ll be invited to come together with your partner in bold and authentic ways. Bring your full selves into confluence, and get ready for deep growth in your relationship, family, and life together.

Private 1:1

For individuals or couples desiring confidential coaching, I offer a private coaching experience. Clients who hire me for one-on-one coaching are most often looking for potent clarity on a very specific and personal issue that they’re working through. Tools from Threshold and Confluence are incorporated into the private coaching experience as appropriate and sessions are tailored to the particular needs of each individual or couple.

People often ask me, “Dave, it seems like you’ve really got it all together…how do you do it?” And I tell them that, “The only difference between me and you is that I have a system, I don’t leave my success professionally or personally to chance.”

Inside of my coaching experiences and programs, I teach the simple systems that have allowed me to become wealthy in non-traditional currencies so that I am not just rich on paper, but feel rich in every moment of my life.

I invite you to book a complimentary consultation where we can determine which program you’re a great fit for.