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Become the CEO of Your Life

We all want to know how to have it all in life; a successful career, great health and vitality, and meaningful relationships that create memories and a real sense of belonging. But despite all the barriers and challenges we know exist, the real problem is that work gets the best of you, and your personal life and family gets what’s left. 

During Dave's flagship keynote & workshop, leaders will learn how to become the CEO of their life. 

Your audience will learn exactly how to:

  • Discover what type of leader they are outside of work
  • Invest their money to buy back their time
  • Install systems of living to win at work, and at home
  • Proactively¬†protect their most important relationships while pursuing their dreams

By applying the lessons and inspiration from this session, leaders will unlock new levels of energy and support to lean into challenges, overcome adversity and bring their gifts to the world.

Exactly What to Say

Quite often, the difference between success and failure in business can be pinpointed to the compounded impact of your conversations. Words matter and understanding how you can use curiosity to influence a conversation is certain to provide you an unfair advantage in your challenging marketplace. 

As we continue to encourage diversity and explore a new marketplace post-COVID, it is imperative that leaders master their communication skills. 

Whether you are in a sales conversation with a prospects, leading your community, or guiding a critical conversation, the Exactly What to Say keynote and workshop will teach your audience:

  • The 4 cornerstones to conversational excellence
  • How to identify and elevate their critical conversations
  • Exactly what to ask¬†to ask to help someone make a decision in their best interest
  • Make conversations count and stay in the game when things go sideways

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