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Have you ever wondered how some leaders seem to have it all, while others are rich on paper, but poor in life? High-achieving leaders are often guilty of building their careers by design, but their life by default. But, why not both?

You know how good it feels when everything is in flow, your loved ones are on the same page and it feels like you’re winning in all areas of life? That’s when you have the energy and clarity to lead with conviction in life’s most critical moments. But let’s be honest, it’s tough to always be at your best when you’re under pressure, exhausted and continuously adapting to yet another change. 

That’s where Dave Inglis comes in. Aimed at the intersection of business leadership and personal development, Dave delivers high-impact keynotes and workshops empowering leaders to win at work, and at home.


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Jatinder Bassi

"We chose Dave as the closing keynote speaker for our annual conference because of the amount of energy he truly brings to a room. His style, real-life stories and the way he speaks from the heart is exactly the inspiration our leaders needed to build their most important relationships." 


Are you leading your most important enterprise? If you're caught at the intersection of juggling work, family and your own dreams - this book is for you. Get ready to re-calibrate feelings of chaos, conflict, or sacrifice using Dave Inglis' road tested strategies for winning at work, and at home. It's time to learn how to lead outside of business, and start using winning plays from work to put your life and family first.  

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Meet, Dave

When I woke up to how fiercely devoted I was to my business and how deeply disconnected I was from my relationships and what mattered to me most - I knew something massive had to change. 

As I completely transformed myself, entrepreneurs and leaders I was working with started to take notice. They began asking me to teach them what I'd learned about success at the intersection of life and business. 

Today, I'm a professional couples and leadership coach with a unique commitment to helping leaders win both at work, and at home. Through my books and coaching I show leaders how to turn foundational business systems and strategies into deeply transformational personal practices. 

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Dave is in high demand as a coach for leaders, couples and teams facing (or who want to face) their most critical moments of growth and change. 

Due to Dave's existing family and business commitments, he only takes on clients for who he knows he can make a big impact. Book a fast-paced strategy call to discover if Dave can help. 

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Jessica Kuepfer

Communications Exec & Ironman Champion

"Dave has quietly been there to guide me during my most pivotal moments - personally and professionally. While working with Dave I have tripled my income, incorporated systems of recovery, won the Ironman Canada and confidently operate as the CEO of my own life." 

Jodi Meiering

Chief Operating Officer

"I am amazed at who I have become through my commitment to coaching with Dave.  His leadership has truly helped me turned some of my deepest pains into my greatest gifts. I am very proud of the executive, mom, wife and friend I am today, and who I am becoming."


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