Hey, I'm Dave Inglis

Over the last 10 years, I’ve been helping ambitious leaders do the inner work to build great businesses, teams, and families. I started my career as a driven entrepreneur and crashed into a personal crisis when my business just about swallowed my personal life whole. When my partner left me, I realized something massive had to change. That was the beginning of my adventure into meaningful leadership.

Now, my clients say I’m part advisor, part sage and that’s what makes my coaching so impactful. I love turning knowledge into lived experiences and wisdom that leaders can put into action, because skills and systems are nothing without a deeper connection to who we are and what we care about.

I've built and grown businesses. Taught entrepreneurship and innovation at universities and colleges across Canada. Been a trusted advisor and coach to organizations such as the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Globe & Mail, along with some of Canada's fastest growing startups. And I've been trained as a professional couples coach. Regardless of the context or situation, I have a knack for leveraging my eclectic experience to help others adapt and thrive through their most critical moments.

Many of us have a direction we think we want to go, yet somewhere along the way we got off course by just a bit…and we end up becoming someone nearly unrecognizable to ourselves. This is why creating space to be alone and begin again is at the crux of my work in Strategic Solitude experiences where leaders re-orient to their authentic selves. 

It’s my honor to support leaders with families and purposeful priorities as they take an intentional and strategic approach to the intersection of life and business through their own triple bottom line – their health, wealth, and relationships.

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