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The Artist Date

Nov 05, 2021

When was the last time you took yourself on a date to explore and experience something that is uniquely of interest to you? 


Perhaps a solo trip? A workshop? A new restaurant all on your own?


The ARTIST DATE practice has had a profound impact on my lore personally, and the leaders in our community. 


My most recent artist date was a trip down to Paris, ON to build my own drum. As expected, I came home with a drum but more importantly a renewed sense of enthusiasm and clarity. It was only after that I realized how much I needed that space away from my work, family and day to day life. 


So… let me ask you…


If you had a half day to take yourself on a date, alone, where would you go? 


What would you give yourself permission to do?  


Let me know below! 👇👇👇