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Creating Space for Enduring Memories & Momentum

Jun 03, 2024

I was recently taking a break and flipping through some of the comments on a recent post I made sharing the exciting news that our family has made the decision to move to Spain this fall!

My friend Yolanda Fasciano's comment touched my heart, and got me thinking…

I’m not sure if you’re like me, but June is a crazy month. Between some work travel, a handful of couple’s retreat I am hosting out west, and a shamanic retreat I am attending all told I’m away for close to 20/30 days this month.

A few days ago Jen and I snuck off to one of our favourite restaurants to walk through the month ahead, and over a beautiful glass of wine, figure out how we could make everything work.


Our decisions to create space for things in our life is a declaration of their importance.

As I read Yolanda’s comment I thought back to the plan Jen and I walked through a few days before and asked myself, “does this gameplan reflect all of the moments and memories I want to experience this month?”

I opened up my notebook to walk back through all the details for the month ahead.

The short answer? No.

I did a great job organizing all of my work commitments, travel schedules, client calls…

I even sketched out how I was going to keep up my tennis game and training while I was on the road….

But there was something missing.

1:1 time with the people that I love.

In my book Chief Family Officer, I teach about the concept of prehab as a leadership philosophy.

“In sport, you can wait to begin the rehab process after the injury happens. Or you can proactively take steps to recover along the way so you can manage the stress that comes from working at such intensity. This is called prehab.”

Yolanda’s beautiful comment prompted me to quickly check my blindspots. Within moments I made the decision to proactively create the space spend 1:1 times with each of my kiddos this month.

Space for the simple stuff. A manicure with my 16 year old daughter. Watching a playoff game at a local pub with my 14 year old. A sauna night with my wife Jen. And a couple good bike rides with my little guy, William.

Easy to do. And easy not to do.



With the summer just around the corner, June is going to fly by.

Take a look at your calendar for the days and weeks ahead and ask yourself…

“Have I made the decision to create the space for the moments and memories that matter the most to me? What’s missing?”

Because remember. The decision to create space is a declaration to the world of how important something truly is to you.

If you’re a leader like me who is building a career and a family at the same time, you can 100% expect to miss something.

Only ever always…