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019 | Dave Inglis: The Intersection Between Life and Business -- Finding Your Way To Effortless Belonging

Jul 11, 2022

Dave Inglis, CEO of Threshold Leadership, joins the podcast to talk with Dr. Laura about the magic of strategic solitude and how we can honor our deep yearning for effortless belonging by paying attention to our non-traditional currencies and asking ourselves the right questions.

Dave talks about his journey into this work and how he is deeply passionate about sharing what he’s learned about success at the intersection between life and business. Through his Strategic Solitude experiences and coaching for individuals, couples, and groups he show leaders how to turn foundational business systems and strategies into deeply transformational personal practices.
Throughout the episode Dave talks about the triple bottom line, how we can start to live our “eclectic millionaire” life now, how to become aware of your triple bottom line, and how all of the best relationships start with the one you have with yourself.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Dave talks about the turning points in his own intersection of business and family where he shifted his reality and saw a need for creating a strategic solitude experience for leaders.
  • Why we need solitude and the magic of getting strategic about when, how, and why we do it.
  • How Dave moves through any resistance to change and growth from the executive teams that he works with.
  • What a triple bottom line is and how we can expand our vision when we tap into it.
  • What it looks like to create space in our life for ceremony for self.
  • How there is always a very primitive yearning for this sense of connection and unity.
  • Strategic solitude as a homecoming of authenticity; space to be able to come back to and be in the presence of your trustest self.
  • The key ingredients behind sustainable and impactful leadership.
  • What effortless belonging looks and feels like in both our community and the relationship with ourselves.
  • How there are non-traditional currencies in life worth building wealth in and to know with authority, what investments you are making.
  • “Once you start to understand how to come back to yourself and meet yourself, I believe you can do that in so many different ways. And it’s really about attuning to the practice.” — Dr. Laura
  • “When you raise the bar for yourself, you show other people that it’s possible.” — Dave
  • “It’s deeply important to embrace the place of curiosity.” — Dave
  • “In my experience, there is always a very primitive yearning for this sense of connection and unity.” – Dave