Space to pause...to BE alone...to begin again.

When's the last time you had a meeting with your work team to check in on your goals, priorities, and strategy to win?

I'm willing to bet it's been a month at most...

And when's the last time you put that same time, focus, and initiative into your own health, wealth, and relationships?

Mmm...it's been a bit longer, eh?

If you're like so many of the leaders I've worked with, you've never actually had that meeting with yourself! Which is why we bring you right to the intersection of life and business. Right where the most authentic you lives.

No matter how long it's been since you remembered that version of yourself...

Or how far you've strayed from what matters most to you...

It's possible to restore your triple bottom line - your health, wealth, and relationships.

The Triple Bottom Line PlaybookTM  

Increase the time you invest in people and things that matter most to you with this 30-minute practice.

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I know that giving your career everything you have creates impressive success...


But drains your relationships and family life of joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment because I did exactly that when I started my first business. 

Meet, Dave.

When I woke up to how fiercely devoted I was to my business and how deeply disconnected I was from my relationships and what mattered to me most - I knew something massive had to change. 

As I completely transformed myself, entrepreneurs and leaders I was working with started to take notice. They began asking me to teach them what I'd learned about success at the intersection of life and business. 

Now, through my Strategic Solitude experiences and coaching for individuals, couples, and groups I show leaders how to turn foundational business systems and strategies into deeply transformational personal practices. With this intentional approach, we establish and expand their triple bottom line.

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and all of the best relationships start with the one you have with yourself.


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Jessica Kuepfer

Communications Executive & Ironman Athlete 

"Working with Dave has been transformational to my wealth, health and relationships.  I have tripled my income, incorporated systems of recovery and operate as the CEO of my own life." 

Strategic Solitude


A Homecoming of Authenticity

Through an immersive experience of self-reflection we take inventory of your life and career and develop a highly customized strategy to achieve your triple bottom line. These two days are full of adventure, awe, and fundamental inner work.

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Become the CEO of your own life.

The only difference between me and you is that I have a system - I never leave my personal or professional success to chance. When you join one of my group coaching, couples coaching, or 1:1 coaching programs, you'll receive expert guidance on maintaining and elevating your self-leadership system.

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Speaking & Workshops


Bring a taste of Strategic Solitude and Self-Leadership to your team or audience.

Even an hour of intentional reflection can inspire meaningful change in the personal and professional lives of your leaders. Over the years, I have worked with small groups of leaders and delivered talks to audiences of hundreds. Click below to learn more about my signature workshops and wisdom.

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Jodi Meiering

Chief Operating Officer

I am amazed at who I have become through my commitment to coaching and Strategic Solitude.  Dave's leadership has truly helped me turned some of my deepest pains into my greatest gifts. I am very proud of the executive, mom, wife and friend I am today, and who I am becoming.

Nicki Knight

Manager, Retail Loyalty

My experience with Dave and Threshold has been nothing short of life altering. I've achieved a new level of clarity and understanding of what's possible for me, my career and my family. Dave's insight, ability to hold space during tough reflections and willingness to challenge my thinking is the key that unlocked the amazing potential I've uncovered. 

There are non-traditional currencies in life worth building wealth in.


What investments are you making?

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Cheryl Sutton

Vice President

Dave understands how important it is to “coach the whole person” for maximum impact.  His exceptional emotional intelligence results in questions and discussions that quickly get to the core of the matter.  Through helping me discover and leverage my strengths, Dave has become an incredibly valuable part of my growth journey.

Christine Van Dael

Chief Executive Officer

Dave's holistic approach to living and leading has taught me to be a purposeful leader in all aspects of my life.  Within the first month I have experienced a change in my thought processes each day and have seen improvements already - especially in my health and relationships,  both personally and in my career!

Julie Dopko

Vice President, HR

Dave is a fantastic, authentic and engaging speaker. The  feedback I received from our leaders was terrific.  Some of them cited that this experience not only helped them professionally but personally. This was one of the best professional development sessions our leaders have ever attended.

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The Triple Bottom Line PlaybookTM  

Increase the time you invest in people and things that matter most to you with this 30-minute practice.

Grab a Copy