Speaking & Workshops

Engage your team in an innovative leadership experience. Through a signature talk or workshop your team will receive a mixture of personal storytelling, expert teaching, and simple, actionable steps for integration. Each experience offered is adaptable to suit small or large groups and can be delivered as a talk or workshop.


Here are a few topics Dave is passionate about:


Triple Bottom Line

High-achieving individuals tend to plan their work first and then design the rest of their lives around it. This can produce short-term professional success, but eventually leads to problems in their health, wealth, and relationships — their Triple Bottom Line. In the Triple Bottom Line experience leaders take a look at their lives through a new lens inspired by the B Corp model. Using this simple framework for self-evaluation, participants gain clarity on the investments they’re making in their lives and the non-traditional currencies they want to intentionally build wealth in. This is the experience for individuals and leaders who want to be rich on paper and in life.


Exactly What to Say

The worst time to think about Exactly What to Say is when you’re trying to say it. In this experience, participants learn the four cornerstones to conversational excellence. Together, we take a proactive approach to preparing for the personal and professional conversations that matter most. Overcoming objections, opening up conversations, and avoiding rejection are just a few of the essential conversational skills covered in Exactly What to Say. Perfect for sales teams and any group of leaders who uses conversation to lead and affect change in their lives and organizations.


Become the CEO of Your Life

In the Become the CEO of Your Life experience, participants activate the awareness  needed to become masterful in self-leadership. This experience equips them with the ability to confidently manage life at the intersection of work and family. During this experience, we seek out creative ways to cross thresholds of transformation personally and professionally. Participants will be inspired by stories of self-leadership and invited into a Strategic Solitude practice that will allow them to use pain and problems as tools in their life and leadership.


The Prehab Practice

In The Prehab Practice experience, we take a fitness-minded approach to expanding and maintaining participants’ capacity to lead. Prehab is a method of incorporating intentional recovery into leadership rhythms. This powerful Prehab Practice shows leaders how to allow the active work of leading to be absorbed into the mind and body. Participants will leave this experience understanding the difference between prehab and rehab and what it feels like to be well. With this understanding, they will be able to proactively surround themselves with the right people, places, and practices to maintain their capacity to lead while avoiding burnout and overwhelm.


I'm Dave Inglis

When I woke up to how fiercely devoted I was to my business and how deeply disconnected I was from my relationships and what mattered to me most - I knew something massive had to change. 

As I completely transformed myself, entrepreneurs and leaders I was working with started to take notice. They began asking me to teach them what I'd learned about success at the intersection of life and business. 

Now, through my Strategic Solitude experiences and coaching for individuals, couples, and groups I show leaders how to turn foundational business systems and strategies into deeply transformational personal practices. With this intentional approach, we establish and expand their triple bottom line.

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