Speaking & Workshops

Engage your team in an innovative leadership experience. Through a signature talk or workshop your team will receive a mixture of personal storytelling, expert teaching, and simple, actionable steps for integration. Each experience offered is adaptable to suit small or large groups and can be delivered as a talk or workshop.


Here are a few topics Dave is passionate about:


Family First Always - Becoming the CEO of Your Most Important Enterprise

High-achieving leaders and entrepreneurs tend to plan their work first and design the rest of their lives around it. While this can product short-term results, many leaders inevitably find themselves rich on paper, and poor in life. In the Family First Always experience, leaders activate the awareness needed to become masterful in self-leadership, and proactively nurture and protect their highest stake relationships. Aimed at the intersection of business leadership and personal development, entrepreneur and executive coach Dave Inglis teaches leaders how to use a Triple Bottom Line to adapt and manage their investments in business, health and family, and become the CEO of your most important enterprise - your life and family. 


Exactly What to Say

Quite often, the difference between success and failure in business can be pinpointed to the compounded impact of your conersations. Words matter and understanding how you can use curiosity to influence a conversation is certain to provide you an unfair advantage in your challenging marketplace. As we continue to encourage diversity and explore a new marketplace post-COVID, it is imperative that leaders deliberately pratice and improve their communications skills. Whether you are in a sales conversation with a prospects, leading your community, or guiding a critical conversation, the Exactly What to Say session teaches leaders and entrepreneurs how to know the right thing to say, in the right way, and at the right time to make a positive impact. .


I'm Dave Inglis

When I woke up to how fiercely devoted I was to my business and how deeply disconnected I was from my relationships and what mattered to me most - I knew something massive had to change. 

As I completely transformed myself, entrepreneurs and leaders I was working with started to take notice. They began asking me to teach them what I'd learned about success at the intersection of life and business. 

Now, through my Strategic Solitude experiences and coaching for individuals, couples, and groups I show leaders how to turn foundational business systems and strategies into deeply transformational personal practices. With this intentional approach, we establish and expand their triple bottom line.

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