1-day Immersive Experience

Intentionally grow your wealth, health and relationships - your Triple Bottom Line.


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through awareness, adventure, and awe

Step into a space that fosters freedom, fulfillment and fun. A welcome break from the grind of daily life. An escape from the demands of work. A solitude to indulge in. This is fertile ground for developing your own self-leadership system.


from an uncommon level of clarity

Leadership is complex, yet it doesn't have to be complicated. Together, we simplify your personal goals, values, and priorities so you can regain control of your life. Then, we simplify. your leadership so you can guide others in a holistic and human way.


the next level you as you cross your Threshold

Every step you take is an opportunity to cross a Threshold from one season of life, one situation into another of your choosing. Even if where you are feels like an accident that happened when you weren't fully paying attention, you can create a new life on the others side of your next Threshold - and strategically step into it. 

There are three types of leaders in the world:


1. Inside Leaders - those who work IN their business and tend to get micro-focused on day-to-day improvements and performance.

2. Analytic Leaders - those who work ON their business and invest most of their time and energy in optimization of productivity and profits.

3. Adaptable Leaders - those who use business as an active and evolving VEHICLE to develop themselves, their families, and their greater community. 

Strategic Solitude is for Adaptable Leaders...

And those who are ready to become Adaptable Leaders. 

A leader who takes their solitude strategically will benefit in the long run. It will not only make them a better human and partner, but a better leader as well.

- Stephanie Frasser, Senior Manager of HR at Sonova

I was drawn to Strategic Solitude because I wanted to perform at a higher level in all areas and optimize for efficiency and presence.

- Angela Larraguible, Head of Founder Services at Communitech

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Three years from now...what do you want to be celebrating?


I’ve witnessed many leaders working tirelessly to create a high-performing career only to find themselves rich on paper and poor in life. This is what I call an empty victory. 

Most often these empty victories come from borrowing time from relationships, family, and healthset. There can be seasons of survival in life where some shifts are necessary to start a new career or make massive changes, yet we all know this isn’t sustainable over the long term. At some point, that borrowing becomes downright stealing.

When you’re stealing from yourself, you’re sacrificing your authenticity. 

In three years, what do you want to see change in your family? How would you like your marriage or partnership to look? How could your health improve? What would make you feel truly proud of yourself on a personal level? 

These are the types of questions we powerfully answer during Strategic Solitude. Then, we make a plan for integrating these changes into your life in practical and sustainable ways.


We journey through Strategic Solitude alone, yet together.


Each Strategic Solitude experience hosts 10-20 leaders, holding space for them at the intersection of coaching, community, and life-changing conversations. 

During the experience, leaders will have the opportunity to be guided through shared challenges mastermind-style. Ample solo time will also be provided for independent work. 

I didn’t expect the sense of community I experienced in Strategic Solitude. There was such a sense of camaraderie with everyone.

- Stephanie Frasser, Senior Manager of HR at Sonova

What does the work look like?


Each Strategic Solitude experience involves a series of exercises and experiences that involve looking backward to go forward and diving into your inner world to shift your outer world. Together, we will intentionally use the past to take inventory, reflect on where we are, and then turn our focus to the tangible future we want to create. 

The essence of the work we do is going back home to yourself.

During Strategic Solitude you’ll…

  • Craft a clear vision of your authentic ambition
  • Tune in to your personal rhythms
  • Define your values 
  • Let go of what is no longer serving you
  • Re-engineer how you invest your energy
  • Create your Triple Bottom Line PlayBook
  • Plan for intentional cycles of recovery

The 6-week playbook you’ll leave with will connect you to your high-level goals and powerful, eye-level action. Leaders reconnect 45 days following Strategic Solitude for a live integration call.

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I work at the world’s largest pre-seed accelerator, headquartered in Silicon Valley. As a startup founder I had impossible deadlines, was working crazy hours for over a year, my health was suffering, and I was in a dark place. I needed an immediate change, and I knew expecting change without coaching would be setting myself up for failure. Strategic Solitude was exactly what I needed.

I’ve spent a lifetime working on building other people’s ideas and companies. I’ve joined in their journeys and helped people realize their dreams and aspirations. It’s been great, but I never really took that same approach to myself. Reviewing my performance quarterly and yearly gives me space to see if I am moving in the direction I want with my health, wealth, and relationships.

- Jordan Jocius, Innovation Specialist

Thoughtful evaluation is the path to purposeful power.


When you pause and detach from the monotony of your day-to-day life, there is room for deep self-exploration and open dialogue with those who are there with you and have gone before you.

At a Strategic Solitude experience, you’ll join with other leaders who are getting clear and building their playbooks, too. You can expect to be met with empathy, compassion, and encouragement from your peers.

You’ll also be guided through exploring your honest answers to tough questions — like ‘Where are you lying to yourself?’ and ‘Where are you sacrificing yourself for success?’ by your host and coach, Dave Inglis.

Hey, I'm Dave Inglis.


Over the last 10 years, I’ve been helping ambitious leaders do the inner work to build great businesses, teams, and families. I started my career as a driven entrepreneur and crashed into a personal crisis when my business just about swallowed my personal life whole. When my partner left me, I realized something massive had to change. That was the beginning of my adventure into meaningful leadership.

Now, my clients say I’m part advisor, part sage and that’s what makes my coaching so impactful. I love turning knowledge into lived experiences and wisdom that leaders can put into action, because skills and systems are nothing without a deeper connection to who we are and what we care about.

Many of us have a direction we think we want to go, yet somewhere along the way we got off course by just a bit…and we end up becoming someone nearly unrecognizable to ourselves. This is why creating space to be alone and begin again is at the crux of my work in Strategic Solitude experiences where leaders re-orient to their authentic selves. 

It’s my honor to support leaders with families and purposeful priorities as they take an intentional and strategic approach to the intersection of life and business through their own triple bottom line – their health, wealth, and relationships. 

Joining me at Strategic Solitude is a decision to see yourself, your life, and your business through the eyes of strategy and compassion. 

I would love to see you there. 

Who is Strategic Solitude for?

Leaders from all walks of life and business are welcome at Strategic Solitude. We tend to draw in folks who have families and booming careers or businesses. Past participants have included corporate executives, CEOs, tech startup founders, artists, high-performing athletes, and an eclectic array of creative entrepreneurs.


What brought me to Strategic Solitude was this feeling of overwhelm. I was working every weeknight and weekend. I had lost my hobbies and was building up resentment for my job even though I love my role and my work. I wasn’t sleeping well and was quickly approaching burnout. I knew this program was what I needed. I gained a different mindset and now I know work doesn’t have to consume and encompass every aspect of my life — I can still make time for things that interest me.

- Stephanie Frasser, Senior Manager of HR at Sonova


You are ready for this program if you: 

…are willing to take personal responsibility and put your Strategic Solitude plans into action.

…are coachable and believe that positive change is possible.

…are willing to experiment and learn, even when it’s a little uncomfortable.

…are seeking community and connection.

…want to learn how to lead yourself more effectively.

 …can put up with the odd terrible dad joke.

Those who immerse themselves in the Strategic Solitude experience are committed to creating their results during this 2-day event and beyond. They understand that this event lays a foundation for the next several months of their lives and that it’s not uncommon to have very normal, human setbacks or deviate from their vision after they leave Strategic Solitude. Part of what you’ll learn during this event is the art of surrendering and creating space to begin again, and again, and again. This is how transformation is not just made, but sustained.

Many of our participants decide to join a longer term Threshold Leadership mastermind group after their Strategic Solitude experience, however this is not at all required and during the event there will be no time spent pitching or selling anyone into further work. The results of this event certainly speak for themselves.


Before Strategic Solitude I was running from meeting to meeting, giving everything to my work, and not often prioritizing deep thinking and the impact I wanted to make. Dave showed me how to practice micro-recovery throughout the day, so I can give myself grace and have the ability to step away from work. Dave takes a holistic approach that helped me look at my work like an interval training workout and helped me reestablish important relationships at the same time.

- Angela Larraguible, Head of Founder Services at Communitech

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Experience Logistics


All meals and lodging are provided during this two day experience so that you can devote your full attention to your Strategic Solitude exercises and experience. After you sign up for the event, we will review any special dietary requirements with you personally. 

We recommend that you come prepared for the possibility of outdoor and physical activities such as hiking, swimming, and. yoga. While cell phones are allowed at the event, we encourage you to block out these two days from any work or personal activities that may demand your attention.

Our upcoming event dates and locations (including nearest airports) are as follows:

November 10 & 11, 2022, Kitchener, Ontario - Toronto Airport

November 18 & 19, 2022, Kitchener, Ontario - Toronto Airport (Strategic Solitude for Couples)

To think you can live your best life without any continuous improvement or coaching…that’s expecting that Michael Jordan could become one of the best basketball players on the planet without being surrounded by coaching staff and people to help him succeed. As individuals we need to coach ourselves and have a framework to do it. Strategic Solitude gives you an almost overpowering enlightenment and the tools to move forward.

- Jordan Jocius, Innovation Specialist

I'm ready for the next step...how do I sign up?

  1. Book a (complimentary) call with Dave
  2. On the call with Dave, you’ll decide mutually if this is the best fit for you and get all of your questions answered about the event.
  3. Dave will provide next steps to you for payment and securing your spot.
  4. You’ll receive a confirmation email and further details about the event.
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If you’re a leader experiencing burnout or imbalance, I would heartily encourage you to join SS – it’s really impactful and it’s worth the investment in yourself.

- Angela Larraguible, Head of Founder Services at Communitech